Last Chance for Class of 2021 Senior Portraits!

Please check this schedule if you indicated that you wanted to have a free sitting for your senior portrait on campus; we have scheduled you to take this picture on Monday, October 5th. This is the only opportunity you will have to take your portrait on campus. Please make sure to keep this appointment if you want to be included in the yearbook!

Directions for Monday, October, 5th:

  • Report to the district presentation room.
    • If your session is DURING the school day, you may enter through the entrance in the rear of the cafe at your appointment time.
    • If your session is AFTER the school day, you will need to enter the high school’s front entrance for a temperature check and then proceed to the district presentation room via the side exit. Security personnel will assist in providing direction as necessary.
  • You must wear a mask. When it is time for your portrait, the photographer will let you know when you can remove it.
  • You must dress appropriately. This means either a collared shirt, tie, and suit jacket or an appropriate long-sleeved shirt. Dark colors photograph best. For more tips on how to prepare, you can check out our senior FAQ page.
  • The single sitting to be in the yearbook is free, but if you would like to purchase your portraits, please contact Robert Taylor Photography at (203) 377-0739.

See Mr. Clark or Mrs. Hulse with any questions, or write to

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