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Embers, Amity’s yearbook, is designed each year by a team of student staff who work to complete a new edition from cover to cover. Like its namesake, Embers aims to provide a warm, glowing reminder of the experiences that Amity graduates shared together long after those experiences have passed. It has been produced annually since 1956.

The yearbook staff, under the supervision and guidance of faculty advisors, is led by an editor-in-chief who oversees an editorial board consisting of student leaders representing the four major sections of the book:

  • the senior section, which includes–among other things–baby photos, candids from throughout the school year, senior superlatives, and, of course, senior portraits, senior quotes, and a list of seniors’ activities and achievements;
  • the underclassmen and faculty (“UCF”) section, which features photos of underclassmen, teachers, and school staff along with an assortment of creative pages that vary from year to year;
  • the student life section, which is designed to reflect what’s it’s like to be a student at Amity and highlights student clubs, societies, and other organizations as well as events ranging from the first day of school to the spring musical; and, finally,
  • the sports section, which comprises action shots and team photos of each athletic team, including all divisions, at Amity. Various other pages and spreads, such as the theme explanation and dedication, fall exclusively under the purview of the editor-in-chief.

Each edition of Embers is designed around a unique theme—a common thread throughout all sections of the book. The editorial board carefully selects the theme each year in order to reflect the events of the school year and its graduating class.

Finally, Embers is dedicated annually to an outstanding member of the Amity community in recognition of the lasting impact they have had on the graduating class. The honorees are selected by polling the senior class, who are asked to nominate worthy candidates.

Embers is currently published by Jostens and features photography by Robert Taylor. Prior to the 2022 edition, it was published by Herff Jones.

Historical Record

For a record of past editors-in-chief, faculty advisors, and dedication honorees, and more, click here. This record also includes links to select media, including cover and title page images.

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